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Real estate investor

In my life, I have had the opportunity to visit more than 15 countries and have lived in three different continents (America, Asia and Europe) and with this I have learned several languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. This kind of experience has helped me to become a person who can easily interact with different cultures and mentalities. I believe that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible. 
I am very curious and always ready to challenge myself, I like to see things from different angles. I have a strong passion for real estate, which I dedicate myself tremendously. I am goal oriented and am willing to spend time and intense effort to achieve them. 
I am very interested in the socio-political aspects of my country and the world, I like to discuss problems and look for possible solutions. For this reason, seeing the rooms in which my friends were staying during the university, I immediately realized that the conditions were very bad and this had to change. This is why I decided to create BIANCO ROOMS, and revolutionize the student rental market throughout the country.
So when I was only 20 years old I decided to follow my passion for the real estate sector and I started investing in this market, bringing excellent rooms to students from all over Italy.

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